“A huge thank you”…

The kind of reaction from someone who receives a facilikit and the simplyonsite service for the first time…  #makinglifeeasier

“We received the ordered lamps today. I don’t know who send the carton but as we opened it there was a carton with the bulbs and another carton with a gift.

Sweets, gloves, a pen and cleaning wipe.

You can’t imagine what fun that was in the store this morning. There must be someone who knows me very well, in this carton was everything I need for my instore works, because I’m kind of a caretaker in here. It really was like a late birthday present.

The team loved this as well, had so much fun especially with the sweets “swizzels squashies”!

Just want so say a huge thank you to whoever send this to us and I want to share this with you – this made our day and is really the best example how little things in life can be so important.”

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