Making Life Easier

Continuously dedicated to making life easier for our clients... it’s an obsession!

The unique team at RLT Onsite is geared around this mission. Living and breathing it, we have become a catalyst for change, embracing technology and introducing innovative ideas that turn the traditional way of thinking on its head.

RLT Onsite works with facilities managers, lighting contractors and end users throughout the UK offering two main solutions:

The simplyonsite distribution system – a revolutionary and ultra-streamlined way of getting lighting consumables to site for lighting maintenance. This continuously evolving system increases productivity, reduces wasted time and improves performance across large mobile teams of engineers. Find out more.

Client-centric lighting consultancy – an innovative way of approaching new lighting schemes by introducing different steps to the typical customer journey. This puts you in control of the scheme ensuring your vision is turned into a reality. Find out more.

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Our values


making life easier for our clients takes 100% of our effort 100% of the time


providing truly different solutions take revolutions, not evolutions


we say it, we do it… consistently


with an amazing team, we can do amazing things for the client

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