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About us

Continuously dedicated to making life easier for our clients... it’s an obsession!

We could call this page, “about us”, but really, “about you” would be better. Put simply, we are simply all about making life easier for you.

This isn’t just because it’s a good thing to do (although it is). It’s because years of experience in the supply of lighting and other consumables to the FM sector has shown us that through making life easier for you based on LEAN thinking, we can have a serious impact on reducing your costs. We’re not scared of thinking a little boldly to transform the way the market works, so long as it fits with our mission.

After over a decade of running the simplyonsite system, we’ve been continuously innovating, listening to our valued clients and improving our service to radically change how FM consumables get to site. Find out more about the simplyonsite system.

High energy, a great team, unswerving integrity and an innovation culture continue to drive us on our mission to make life easier for anyone in the facilities management sector, and then make life even easier, and then easier again…

Our mission…

…continuously dedicated to making life easier for our clients…

Our values…

energy | making life easier for our clients takes 100% of our effort 100% of the time

innovation | providing truly different solutions takes revolutions, not evolutions

integrity | we say it, we do it… consistently

teamwork | with an amazing team, we can do amazing things for the client


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