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LEAN thinking

With a mobile workforce, 20-40% of total contract cost is product cost, 60-80% is labour and associated costs. By boosting productivity by up to 30%, total contract cost can reduce by 18-24%.

Using LEAN thinking, we focus on getting materials to your engineers’ hands.  You can focus on engineers spending more time on site.  Our focus is always on reducing operational wastes through working in synergy with your engineers and admin teams.

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LEAN thinking | RLT

Eliminating the waste in your processes

The mobile engineer sector has spent long enough trying to reduce product cost at the expense of service delivery and operational cost.  Whilst offering competitive product pricing through volume purchases, we dramatically reduce the friction in processes for engineers, admin teams and management. Are you experiencing some of these challenges?

  • Failed visits
  • Excessive travelling
  • Invoice queries
  • Lack of contract spend control
  • Ballooning product costs
  • Opaque communication on materials supply
  • Missing or damaged deliveries
  • Wasted engineer time in branches collecting materials

RLT Onsite eliminates the waste in your processes that have been taken for granted (until now) by distributing lighting, electrical and compliance materials direct to engineers’ hands, improving communication and reporting, and proactively managing your product usage for a seamless supply experience.

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Eliminating the waste in your processes | RLT

simplyonsite benefits

Zero distribution costs

One nationwide point of contact

Access 1000s of product lines instantly

Contract stocking for your specific clients

Free timed deliveries for urgent jobs

Live price book system

Automated confirmations and tracking

Bespoke contract reporting

Engineer productivity increased by up to 30%

Free facilikit with every order

Parcels labelled with your logo

Online and app-based bespoke tools

Waste removal solutions

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