The simplyonsite system

Make your life easier and reducing your costs…

Using the fundamental principles of LEAN methodology, we streamline the delivery of materials to sites which reduces waste and costs dramatically.

It’s not rocket science, but with our changing world, your clients are expecting you to do more, for less. We turn traditional thinking around and provide you with a flexible delivery system that ensures your parts go straight to site, on time, every time.

We maximise your workforce productivity. Your engineers will spend more time earning money on sites fixing problems than having to source their materials wasting time, fuel and resources.

And in the process, we fulfil our mission; we make your life easier.

The simplyonsite process

  • 1
    Engineer uses SOS requisition tools to place order.
  • 2
    Order received by 5:00PM.
  • 3
    Order confirmation within 60 minutes.
  • 4
    Order dispatched using strict packaging protocol.
  • 5
    Facilikit sent with parcel*.
  • 6
    Parcel labelled with your logo*.
  • 6
    Parcel delivered next working day.
  • 6
    Delivery notification by text/email.
  • 9
    Engineer completes job.

simplyonsite Advantages

the simplyonsite system

One nationwide point of contact

Access 1000s of product lines instantly

FREE timed deliveries for urgent jobs

Live price book system

Full traceability of orders

Bespoke national contract reporting

Engineer goes straight from site to site

FREE lamp changing kit with your order

Zero distribution costs

Parcels labelled with your logo

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