The benefit of a loop-in loop-out metal halide ballast


The typical metal halide ballast only has one terminal for the live, one for the neutral and one for the earth.  This is fine if there is a single feed to each luminaire but often metal halide ballasts are linked on a ring meaning that each ballast needs to have a feed in, and then an additional cable to link to the next ballast.  This can be very difficult to do, especially when on step ladders or a lifter and working above your head.

Single Terminal Ballast

Enter the loop-in loop-out ballast!  This ballast solves the problem by having two terminals for live, neutral and earth.  This makes it very easy to wire up reducing time taken to do it.  On top of this, the terminals are colour coded making it even easier.

Loop-in loop-out ballast

So make sure you ask for a loop-in loop-out ballast if you are wiring up a chain of luminaires that need to be linked to each other.

Download this as a document on the orange link below.

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